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Color: No. BX1608Medium style


Simple and elegant fine texture
Put in a bunch of your favorite flowers/branches
Put at any corner in the home at will
Have a nice

Product information:

texture of material : Stained glass
style : The American village
Surface technology : polishing

Size :
High height 25cm bottle mouth inner diameter 2cm bottle bottom 19.5cm article No. : BX1607
Medium height 27.5cm Bottom Diameter 2.5cm Bottom 13.5cm Article No. :BX1608
High height 35cm Bottom Diameter 2.5cm Bottom 13.5cm Item No. : BX1609
(There is error in manual measurement of size)

Tips :
About glass: artificial blowing exists bubble, grain, concave and convex particles, impurities, bottle bottom is not smooth, one side thick and one side thin and other glass products characteristics, mind do not shoot;
The main body of the vase is green, the color of the middle style is close to that of the tall style, and the color of the short style is darker.
The top of the vase is a high wave;

Packing list:glass vase*1