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Reimagining Heritage: Contemporary Interiors Enriched with Timeless Artistry

Reimagining Heritage: Contemporary Interiors Enriched with Timeless Artistry

Imagine stepping into a world where everything is handmade and where creativity has no bounds. It'll be like a wonderland where there are so many unique and different things made by so many talented artists.  

In this article, we will look at top interior designers who have used traditional art forms to create their designs. As you read on, you will understand that every designer has their own ideas and styles of creating their designs. Each design created by the designers is mesmerizing and captivating. 

You will be amazed when you find out that these designers use traditional art forms in their modern designs. Let's get into the world of modern-traditional interior design! 

Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola, Image Source: Patricia Urquiola Website 


Patricia was only 22 years when she began studying architecture in Italy. After her studies, she started her career at De Padova, a design studio. She soon became the head of design products in the same studio.

From 1996 to 2001, she worked for another design company called Lissoni Associati. Over the years, she has designed furniture and products for popular companies such as Moroso, Kartell, and Alessi. One of her famous creations is the Step Sofa, which was shown at a big design event in Milan.

Since 2015, she has been the Creative Director of a well-known Italian furniture company called Cassina. She's so talented that she even started designing clothes and had her first fashion collection for Max Mara in 2022.  

Crafts Used 

Patricia's designs have a mix of traditional artwork with modern designs. She gets her inspiration from various cultures and cultural materials. You can see this mix of artwork in all of her designs. 

You will also notice that she uses a mix of textures and colors to create her designs. She also uses natural elements to create textiles and furniture designs.

Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen, Image Source: Kelly Hoppen via Instagram 


Kelly Elaine Hoppen CBE is a well-known interior designer who was born in South Africa but is now based in Britain. She's not only a designer but also an author and the owner of her own design company called Kelly Hoppen Interiors.

Back in 1996, she received an award from Andrew Martin International in the Andrew Martin Interior Design Awards. That was just the beginning of her success because she went on to win many more popular awards. 

Crafts Used

Kelly is known for using particular styles like neutral tones, clean lines, and the use of cross-cultural elements from the East and West. Her designs will speak for themselves, They tell you interesting stories through the decor elements as well as with the use of furniture and lighting.

Kelly has a really good attention to detail, and this is what makes her designs different from what you see around. She only selects luxurious fabrics and rich textures and uses clean finishes to create her designs. 

India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi for Nuvo Magazine, Image Source: India Mahdavi via Instagram 


India Mahdavi is a super-talented architect and designer with a fascinating background. She's Iranian-French, which means that she takes influence from both cultures to create her designs. For the past 20 years or so, she has had her own design studio and has increased her popularity for her amazing work.

She is often called the "reigning queen of colour" since she became famous for using vibrant colors in most of her designs. Her spaces and forms are like something out of a dream, with a touch of humor that makes them so unique.

Crafts Used

The crafts used by India Mahdavi include different blends of colors, textures, and cultural influences. Her aesthetic is often compared to the geometric perfection seen in Wes Anderson's movies. She uses her mix of cultures to create most of her designs. She calls this "pop-orientalism," which basically means a mix of vibrant texture and colors with architectural structure.

India Mahdavi mixes colors and textures with materials like ceramic, lacquer, and wood to create traditional designs. Her main thought of mind while doing interior designing is to create spaces that look comfortable and can engage your senses. This makes her work truly amazing and mesmerizing to look at!

Marcel Wanders 

Marcel Wanders With His Artwork, Image Source: Leblon Delienne


Marcel Wanders is a Dutch designer who is currently in Amsterdam. He is popular for his work in the fields of interior design, industrial designing, and even in architecture.

Most of Marcel's designs in interior spaces have a lot of layers and can even be complex to look at.

You can see most of his designs featured in magazines, exhibitions, and collections. He was also titled as the International Designer of the Year by Elle Decoration in the year 2006. He had his first solo exhibition called 'Daydreams' in 2009, which was featured in the Philadelphia Museum.  

Crafts Used

Marcel Wanders is known for his use of textiles in his designs. He has made a lot of textile objects that are so different from the usual ones you see. In most of his designs, he uses textiles with other materials to create unique and unexpected designs that will just blow your mind. 

It's like he turns flexible stuff into rigid shapes, dense materials into see-through ones, and flat things into 3D wonders.

Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu

Source: Pinterest

Alt Text: Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu


Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are the founders of Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, an architectural design company based in Shanghai. In addition to their design office, they also started a platform called Design Republic  in 2004. 

Here, Neri and Hu use it for things such as cultural exhibitions, retail, and even for education. Overall, they have even won quite a few awards in various different fields.

Crafts used

The crafts used by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu are a mix of different cultures. You may notice that most of their interior designs have traditional art forms in them. The way they use this craft is by mixing their modern designs with local art from China. 

Most of their artworks are not only about making the interior look good, but they even make people think about their art.


Every interior designer starting from Patricia to Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, has their own interior design style. You will notice how the designs of each designer have their own mix of traditional art forms. This will for sure mesmerize you and will only add magic to your house.

Today, interior designing is being seen using traditional artworks to grab the attention of the people. This only makes us wonder what else we can explore in the world of interior design! The modern interior combines a variety of art pieces today - be it vases or modern wall decor. At Kuttans, we strive to provide you with the best decorative pieces, all handmade by skilled artisans. 

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